Why do I have to complete questionnaires?

The service is very aware of the importance of constantly evaluating the service and the treatments they offer. In order to do this, people are invited to complete a series of questionnaires before their treatment begins. These questionnaires measure the severity of the eating disorder as well as other psychological problems such as depression which might be present alongside the eating disorder. The questionnaires help us to get a picture of the kind of problems that people have and are an important part of the assessment. We also ask people to complete similar questionnaires at various points throughout and after their treatment to help us to measure the effectiveness of the treatments we offer.

Do I have to have to take part in the research that is happening in the service?

Understanding eating disorders and the development of new treatments depends on good research. We are often involved in research projects and we may ask you to help. Participation depends on your giving your informed consent and you have the right to refuse. We also feel that it is important to continuously assess the existing treatments that we offer and so from time to time you may be asked if you would be willing to fill in some questionnaires in order to help us to do this. If you are interested in taking part in future research please contact out research office via Email.