What support is available for family and carers of someone with an eating disorder?

This service recognises that carers have needs in their own right and that supporting a loved one with an eating disorder can be stressful.

All carers are entitled to a Carers Assessment. This is carried out by Local Authorities but more information about accessing an assessment can be found on the NHS choices website.

There is a local carers group which has the support of a carers advocate from the voluntary sector. The group meets monthly and provides space for mutual support from other carers. The Leicestershire Adult Eating Disorder Service provides input into this group when requested. This involves topic based discussions, presentations, information sharing etc. Senior staff in the service maintain regular contact with the group. If you are interested in finding out more about this group they can be contacted through their website

There are a number of other groups and carer organisations that can support you, please visit the carers section of our website to find out more.